Yamaha Majesty 250 2015 Service Manual

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Yamaha Majesty 250 2015 Service Manual

View Yamaha Owner's Manuals Online. The Yamaha Owner's Manual Section offers the ability to view Owner's Manuals for many. Yamaha Extended Service; Connect with. View and Download YAMAHA MAJESTY YP250 owner's manual online. MAJESTY YP250 Scooter pdf manual download. YAMAHA YP250 Service Manual 267 pages.

Yamaha Majesty 250 2015 Service ManualYamaha Majesty 250 2015 Service Manual

YAMAHA MAJESTY (YP400) Yamaha’s Majesty was a good performing midsized maxiscoot with a highway capable top speed. First introduced in mid 2004 as a 2005 model, the Majesty was sold in the USA through 2014 except for a one year hiatus in 2011. In Canada it lasted a bit longer with a continuous 2004-2015 run before being dropped from the lineup. Internationally Yamaha uses the Majesty name for an entire line of maxiscooters from 125 to 400c, but just a single model (YP400) has been offered in North America. Motor In the engine compartment, the Majesty uses a fuel injected 395cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke, 4-valve, DOHC single cylinder engine. This engine cranks 33.5 HP which is good for about 90mph and a respectable 50-55mpg.

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That’s impressive considering some 250cc scoots achieve similar milage out of their less powerful engines. 300-500cc is a great size for a maxi-scooter engine as it delivers ample power for highway travel while still retaining great fuel milage. For comparison, Honda’s 580cc Silverwing only attains 40mpg, which is a pretty significant on long trips. Given the 90mph top speed of the Majesty, it might not make sense to shell out thousands more for a 600cc scooter unless you’re particularly power hungry. One notable downside with the Majesty engine is the difficult to access dual airfilters. These filters require frequent inspection and replacement, particularly if ride in dusty conditions.

Neglecting this can lead to engine damage, which is a common occurrence with the Majesty because the difficulty of access leading to owner neglect. Design and Amenities The Majesty can swallow up to 16 gallons in its underseat storage area.

You can fit your helmet, knapsack and more in this area all at once. The Majesty can also store a nice amount of smaller items in its two (one large and one small) dash compartments. The Majesty has great instrumentation including a fuel gauge, coolant temp gauge, ambient temp gauge and indicator lights for the V-belt and oil. The Majesty uses disc brakes front and rear, which are widely regarded to be excellent, even with two on board. The combination of strong brakes and a low center of gravity makes it easy to achieve quick stops. The Majesty also handles quite well for its size (467 lbs wet). As a heavy machine, it’s slow to initiate turns but it holds its line well in the corner and the suspension smooths out bumps effectively. Henny Penny Fryer Mcdonalds Manual.