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I'm trying to upgrade our GC-MS (PE Autosystem XL with Turbomass Gold MS) to use Turbomass software v5.1 with Windows XP to replace our very buggy v4.0 that currently uses windows NT. However we don't have any info on pre-installation settings such as server settings, FTP settings, ISS settings etc etc. The installation manual refers to 'ensure that all pre-installation tasks are done' prior to installing Turbomass. But we don't have a list of those pre-installation tasks. Since this is not really essential work I am not really keen on a service call/visit from PE, so thought I'd try here first!

We've tried just installing the software anyway and playing with XP's settings, but we keep getting the following error before Turbomass even starts: 'Runtime error! Program: C:/Turbomass/epcassystem/turbomassUI.exe. Abnormal program termination' and 'External application not started correctly' Is anybody out there using this software and/or system and can help with these pre-installation tasks? Hi Reda, OK, so I started over and made sure I followed that document exactly and set up all the FTP settings etc as needed. However I am still getting this series of error messages while trying to start the program: 'Runtime error! Program: C:/Turbomass/epcassystem/turbomassUI.exe. Abnormal program termination' then 'External application not started correctly' then 'Runtime error!

Program: C:/Turbomass/turbomass.exe. Abnormal program termination' then 'External application not started correctly' Any ideas? OK we got the GC-MS and the PC talking. It now plays its little tune when turned on and I can ping it at However I still cannot start the actual turbomass software. I'm still getting the run time errors mentioned in the first post. Here's some Turbomass error logs: ----------------------------------------------------------------- SORecord Time: Wed Aug 02 15: Class: pnw_client Module: RPCRunTimeError Type: RPC Code: 1726 The remote procedure call failed.

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RPC Binding Handle: ncalrpc:canvanbio1316[LRPC000007f4.00000001] Interface: LCD(ProcessService) Server: canvanbio1316 EORecord ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- SORecord Time: Wed Aug 02 15: Class: pnw_process_mgr Module: create_process Type: OS Code: 2 The system cannot find the file specified. Unable to create process: C: TurboMass acqclient.exe EORecord ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- SORecord Time: Wed Aug 02 15: Class: pnw_lms_pak Module: itoa Type: Application Code: 13039 License date has expired EORecord. So I took the software home and installed it on my home PC and it works fine. So most likely it's a hardware incompability issue. I will switch the PC, reinstall, and see if that works.

If anybody is interested, the earlier communication issues I was having were the result of the Turbomass software setting up a user account called 'Turbomass' during installation (which the GC-MS uses to connect to the PC to download the software etc through the FTP connection). The problem was due to the fact that during installation the software also creates a password (massspec), which does not fit our company's password minimum criteria (password length, characters etc.). So the communication issues were solved by removing the password restrictions on the PC's local security settings.

This is a very strange feature of the Turbomass software. Deutz Allis Parts Manual. I'm sure many other companies/universities etc may have the same problem. Why set up this apparent 'secure' network connection?

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