Steris 444 Washer Manual

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Community forums for STERIS - Reliance 444 Series relating to Looking for Steris Reliance 444 Service manual on MedWrench. Steris Reliance 444 Washer. Steris Reliance 444 Washer. The manual access handle is located on the top edge of the door and concealed behind the top service panel.

Steris 444 Washer ManualSteris 444 Washer Manual

Healthcare Washer Disinfector STERIS's single chamber and multi-chamber Washer Disinfectors are designed to wash and disinfect specific medical utensils, surgical instruments and other articles found in healthcare facilities. By choosing genuine STERIS OEM replacement parts for STERIS's Washer Disinfectors, you can be assured that each part is chosen based on the highest quality standards to promote compliance with regulatory requirements and ensure the Washer Disinfector functions at its best. Significant brand names and models of STERIS Washer Disinfectors include AMSCO, Reliance Vision, Reliance Synergy and Reliance Genfore.

The Steris Reliance® 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector is a mechanical washer equipped with an Eagle® 3000 Stage 3™ control system. It meets the highest standards of cleaning performance and maximum throughput. The Reliance® 444 is a washer that adapts to a wide variety of loads and operations, and will process more than the capacity of an ordinary washer its size. Highlights: • Vertical sliding door maximizes floor space. Power door opens and closes at the touch of a button. • Automatic detergent injection assures that the right amount of detergent is dispensed into the water. 2017 Honda Interceptor Vfr 800 Service Manual. • Tinted, tempered glass door lets you verify cleaning action while providing excellent insulation.

Steris Reliance 444 Service ManualSteris Reliance 444 Manual Medical Washer

An interior light gives a clear view of load contents and washing activity. • Choice of gentle of aggressive mechanical action.

The dual speed pump lets you control water pressure and solution coverage. • Rotary arms located at top and bottom of each level provide maximum solution coverage with bi- directional spray pattern designed to increase the cleaning capacity. • Exhaust system assures that vapor is removed from the wash chamber between cycles for improved temperature control and faster load drying.