Siemens Hicom 300 Cs Installation Manual

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Hello colleagues, I have to install and configure Siemens Hicom 392 PBX. I don't have any manuals for this PBX and I couldn't find it in the internet. Hicom 300 Operators Manual. OUT SIEMENS Key in required telephone number Display shows e.g.04074111 OUTGOING FREE When call is answered Display shows.

Mercedes 300 Cs

Hicom 300E is typically programmed in one of 3 ways. One, you need an application called LC-Win, and you must use the version of the application that matches the software release of your system (6.4, 6.5 or 6.6). You will need to know the customer or service login and password.

Second, is you must have ProComm Plus for Windows, and you must have the 3.5' floppy disk that comes with the system tapes for the PBX. On there are three keyboard definition files you must copy into your procomm directory: pansi.kbd pansi3.kbd and tvi910.kbd. You would connect your computer running Procomm to the open access port on the Custom Callout Adapter using a normal serial cable. Set up Procomm for a new direct connection, using ANSI-BBS terminal emulation, and edit the perminal emulation settings so it yses the pansi3.kbd file you copied on. The connection speed varies from 19.200 baud for 9006.4 to 115,200 for 9006.6, and depends on if you have a CBX Monitor III (19,200), Custom Callout Adapter (38,400), or Custom Callout Adapter II (115,200) - all of them for access through the CCA use 8 - N - 1 for the protocol. You can also program procomm to use dial-up and call into the phone number that is connected to the CCA for alarm dialing purposes.

Once you get connected and get a login prompt you will need the customer or service login and password. The 3rd way is also using Procomm, and connecting to the RMX port using a null modem, TVI910 emulation and 4800 E-7-1 for the comm settings.

That is much more difficult so I won't go into it more than that. Once you get logged in, if you have an older version like 9006.3 or 9006.4 you can use the EMML dialog to do some of the basic programming, the first version of 9006.5 lets you do a little that way, and the second version of 9006.5 and 9006.6 require you to use LC-Win. Hope that helps. Programming the system is not as simple as the little key systems where you can program everything off a master phone, or the Hicom 150s and maybe some of the 3000 models. RE: I am new in Siemens Hicom and need your help (TechnicalUser). Hi donb01, Thank you very much for your help.

The information you gave was very useful to me and i began understand how to configure hicom 300. I have a problem now: No one knows the login and the password for the installed hicom 392. How can I reset them? We don't care about the current configuration. Is there any installed battery which I can remove to reset the login and the the passsword? By the way: what is the default login and password? BR RE: I am new in Siemens Hicom and need your help (IS/IT--Management) 3 Mar 14 11:50.

First of all, I don't know if the 392 is the same as the 300 but for some other country. I've never heard of a 392. I have never known a default login and password for these systems because I have had training so the tech always just gives me the password if it's a new install. I am not aware of an easy way to reset the password other than by a tech with root access.

If it's a real '300' system it's running unix, and there is no such thing as defaulting the password like on some of the smaller systems where you can just default it and then reload your backup. You would have to be logged in to a command line prompt as a privileged user to change the password in the normal unix fashion, or logged in to the support shell and use the 'change password' menu item. You will probably have to call a tech and have it fixed.

1981 Yamaha Xj650 Maxim Manual. You can try using rsca for the login and Siemens2000 for a password (it might be a small 's') but I highly doubt that will work. Most of those systems existed before 2000 so I doubt that will work.

Sorry I can't be of more help. 2009 Icc Concrete Manual.

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