Paragon Ec71st Manual

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Link below has Paragon EC7000 series timers and manuals EC7004/120 is 7-day programmable timer. Single channel 120Volt SPST NEMA1 indoor timer. Piping Manual there.

Paragon Ec71st Manual

Program up to 16 events per week EC7000 series programming manual shows wiring, explains keypad, has steps for setting current time, and shows 24 steps for programming timer. Plus troubleshooting.

It is impractical to write out those steps when they appear in manual. EC7000 series Sell sheet with model numbers Description of model numbers at Uni-line Dec 01, 2010 . I don't see the 4001-ov in the Paragon spec sheet To test the general condition of your Paragon timer, use the manual override. If the manual override works perfectly, then you may need new tripper pins. The Paragon 4000 series uses X2772 tripper pin. Google search Paragon X2772 tripper turns up prices of $9 for a pair of trippers A simple 120V replacement timer is the Intermatic T-101 For outdoor, use the T-101R 'R' for raintight Lowes usually has the T-101 on the store shelf and they sell the T-101R online Oct 28, 2010 .