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Kubota G 1800 Manual

Ac Condenser Manual on this page. MACHINE MODEL Kubota G1800_Revised Part Manual PDF Download This manual may contain attachments and optional equipment that are not available in your area. Please consult your local distributor for those items you may require. No Comments on “Kubota G1800 Lawn Garden Tractor Mower Workshop/ Service/ Master Parts List PDF Manual” Comments on this entry are closed.

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It just links to files (like Google) which is available on the internet.

You seem to be confused. I'm not asking for a technical manual. I'm asking for an owners manual to shed light on some pretty basic stuff. Yes I expect that. I'm not asking for a technical manual of any type. I specifically mentioned very basic stuff.

Oil weight/capacity, proper care and maintenance, proper procedure for removing the deck. All info that would 100% be included in the owners manual sold with the tractor. A support document. I was VERY CLEARLY asking for the owners manual. Some products have wiring diagrams available in the owners manuals as well. I'm not asking for a chiltons or hanes on the thing. At what point did I give you the impression that I was looking for the bible that covers every thing under the sun for it?

And lots of stuff is free to me or you. Lots of people that are paying for said stuff to be there are offering it to you or me for free. Not really sure what this snippet has to do with this?

And actually plenty of stuff is free. I have personally created lots of content for different things that I have freely shared.

Either way, kind of irrelevant. See there is also this weird attitude on the internet that just because you can get away with it, its ok to be rude and talk down to people for no reason. Who needs manners when you cant see the person you're speaking to? Even if my inquiry were silly(which it is not) that doesnt make it ok to respond by talking down to me. Thats just rude and uncalled for. Im a nice reasonable guy but I hate the notion that manners shouldnt exist on the internet. Its this attitude that makes so many forum boards and chat spaces unpleasant to deal with.In which case I shall put on the dunces hat and go stand in the naughty corner with a grade 4 reader.

For owners manuals contact Kubota direct. They have been very good to me in the past on the proviso that I do not publish nor redistribute the material they sent. Not much chance as they were poor copies to start with. Bear in mind they have no legal obligations to any one other than the original purchaser so ask nice. As for decks I tried furnature dollies but most decks do not lift high enough and it was hard to get them under, but the 2x4's work really well.

If you have the ground following deck that runs on wheels that are always on the ground then you might need to lay them 4' up. My shop is full of metalworking machines so things like decks come off outside but I usually lay them on the 2x4's then lift the mower with a yard crane and slide the deck sideways.

Ropes and hooks ar the magic work cause if it drops onto the concrete floor with your fingers unde it you won't be rolling any more ciggies. And thank you. I'll keep this in mind. Its actually pretty easy to drop the deck, and remove the pins. There is a PTO shaft that transfers power to the deck so there are no belts that you need to remove to drop it. And its a hydraulic lift. The biggest problem with it is sliding it sideways.

It sets on 4 wheels so moving front and back is not an issue. But sliding it out from under the tractor is not for the faint of heart. We had the deck off when I purchased it as we loaded it in the back of a truck which the deck was too wide to set between the wheel wells in the bed.

And it was a major pain for both myself and the guy that sold it to me to get it out and back in. Have you ever tried furniture dollies? I was wondering if maybe dropping the deck onto a couple of those is possible without jacking up the tractor.

Which I guess would still be easier than tugging on it directly on the ground. Then rolling it out side ways would be much easier.Furniture dollies are great if you have a very smooth place to roll them. They are not really intended to be used outdoors so getting them to roll on concrete may work or not work. Just a thought.