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Off-Season Storage There are a number of issues that affect storage of power equipment. Gasoline breaks down and leaves a varnish-like coating inside fuel tanks, fuel lines, carburetor circuits and makes rubber and plastic parts brittle. Additionally, tires flatten and dry-rot, and unprotected metal surfaces rust.

To avoid damage and expensive repairs you may perform a Spring Service before you store. This may include the following (based on type of equipment): Change your oil and oil filter (on models with internal oiling and oil filter). Inspect fuel filter and replace if necessary.

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Inspect air filter for dirt accumulation and clean or replace. Inspect spark plugs and replace if fouled. Sharpen blades/chains or replace if damaged. (mowers and chainsaws) Drain fuel from fuel tank and run engine until it runs out of fuel. (alternatively you can dose fuel with a fuel stabilizer) Grease all bearings and mechanisms requiring grease Inspect wear items such as belts, starter cords, tires and cables and replace if damaged or badly worn. Lift equipment and set on blocks to avoid flattening and cracking tires. Cover equipment to protect from sun and weather Check these items off your 'Honey-Do' list and you should have no frustrations next Season when the equipment is needed again! Vauxhall Combo 2015 Owners Manual.

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