Ih B275 Injector Pump Manual

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Hi, This is my first post on the forum, and its a bit of a cry for help! I have recently rebuilt the bolck of my IH B275, with new liners, pistons, shells etc. The block is now installed on the tractor, with read and injectors. The front timing cover is off as I anticipated problems when it came to the timing. The camshart timing is correct as the timing dots line up on TDC of cylinder #1 I had removed the injector pump from my old engine and everthing was working OK before the rebuild. I took some pictures of the alignment dots before the disassembly to help me with the re assembly.

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However, my engine uses the older inline injector pump, where the timing adjustment is done throught the front of the timing cover. The slotted injector gear wheel allows for a plus 20 deg and a minus 20 deg range of adjustment.all well and good. However there is no locator/key way between the gear wheel and the injactor pump drive shaft. The pictures I took don't help alot with the timing as the location of the injector pump refrernce marks are underneath the injector gear wheel.

What I need is some detailed instruction or better still pictures on the whole of the timing proceedure. Thanks for your advice guys.

After a day of trial and error, I have finally got the engine running. The pictures that I took previously helped, and I set up the timing gear to the exact tooth from my old engine, and set up the adjusiable timing gear on the injector, as per the old engine. Starting is still a bit of a problem, which with the new sleaves and pistons, I would have thought there would not be much cranking before firing (not using the pre-heat plugs). Could be that I need to recondition the injector pump as well.

Had all of the injectors reconditioned. Putting the rest of the ancillaries back on tomorow, then a bit of a run in period!

I'll get some pictures up of the timing on the gear train later. Up and running today, with only a few setbacks. Starting still a problem (as it was with the old engine), but as Cyrush said it's early days and I need to see how the bedding in process goes. However, there seems to be a bit of a combustion 'Knock', rather like pre-ignition on a petrol engine. Might try to retard the timing at little (Currently set/estimated at 20 Deg BTDC). Plus points have now got about three times the oil pressure than my old engine had. My Hand Line-Boring of the camshaft bearings seems to have worked, which was somerthing that I did not know had to be done before commencing the rebuild There have not been any major leaks of fluids from the engine However, in hind sight I should have had the injector pump reconditioned as Samsdad said, it was really the only 'old' part that went back on to the rebuilt engine.

Have a early one here with the inline pump, needs glow plugs unless its HOT, its a high hour machine. Was told by a IH trained mechanic who has worked on a lot B-275's that the inline pump were from new a lot harder to start than the later rotarys Jake. Thanks for the info Jake. With the old engine it always needed 'Easy Start' no matter what temperature it was. I would have thought with a recon engine the starting would be easier, but perhaps as your IH mechanic stated, the strating problem is inherant to the inline injector pump.

I have a 1959 IH B275 that needs the CAV pump rebuilt. I cannot seem to find replacement parts for this particular pump.

The pump number is 4417622. Does anyone know where to find the parts to rebuild this pump? (Preferably in the U.S.) I will include a couple of pics of the pump and ID tag for reference. From what I can find, this appears to be a BPE type inline pump. If my assumption is incorrect, please give me the correct info I need to get the needed parts. Thanks in advance for any help on the subject!

Click to expand.No, just swallowed up in the real world and haven't had time to post results, lol. You have been a GREAT help in getting me the numbers for the parts I need to rebuild the governor and the CAV pump. You are truly one of the few nice people left in the world who don't just look for ways to make money, and I appreciate that very much.

I highly recommend your service to anyone who needs work done. I have to say after you went to the extremes you have just to get me part numbers for parts you don't even sell, you would be the first person I would trust to work on anything for me in the future. Suzuki Dr 250 1987 Owners Manual. Thanks so much! I will post results as soon as the repair is finished.

Update on the CAV pump. Finding the parts was a little difficult, so maybe this will save someone else allot of trouble. Here are the specifics of this pump and part numbers. It is a BPE Type 4A pump.

The governor diaphragm is part #7034-19H (replaces original part #7034-19D). The rebuild kit is part #7135-29J, and the hand primer part #22D2321. I could not find available parts in the US. I ordered all the above parts from Darwen Diesels in the UK. They have very affordable pricing and parts were delivered the day after I ordered them. I started removing the pump today. If anyone has any tips on removal, please share.

I found a manual to rebuild the pump, but it does not detail how to remove it.