Fetal Pig Dissection Guide For Middle School

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Fetal Pig Dissection Instructions

Fetal Pig Dissection Lab. Compare this length to the data given on relative sizes of a fetal pig. The sound into the middle ear. Central Middle School – Science 8 As a culminating activity to our Human Biology Unit we are planning a Fetal Pig Dissection. The internal anatomy of the fetal pig is very similar to human.

Fetal Pig Dissection Guide For Middle SchoolFetal Pig Dissection Guide For Middle School

These sections have additional notes and guidance. Some things to consider before you start the lab. Do you have space with a sink? Pigs are a lot more involved than frogs and the preservatives will need to be drained and pigs rinsed.

1 Fetal Pig Dissection Labs Dr. Lim Objective: In this exercise you will examine the organization of the many body systems studied this semester in the context of a single specimen, the fetal pig. Middle school worksheets are great. Fetal pig dissection pictures instructions guide, fetal pig dissection pictures service manual guide and. From Pinterest. Read and Download Fetal Pig Dissection Guide For Middle School Free Ebooks in PDF format AN ILLUSTRATED DISSECTION GUIDE BIOCHEMICAL EFFECTS OF RECOMBINANT PORCINE.

This is not a good dissection for classrooms that do not have sinks. Have your students completed the frog dissection? The pig is more advanced, students should have a basic understanding of dissection protocols. Pigs will need to be ordered from a biological supply company. If they are not injected, the circulartory system is very difficult to view. Generally, 1 pig for two students is a good match, but you could get away with 3-4 students per pig. Safety: Goggles are required for all dissections.

Fetal Pig Dissection Worksheet

Latex gloves are optional, though generally preferred. Students should always wash hands even if they wore gloves. Many chemicals will seep through the latex. I have switched to because it provides more of a barrier from harsh chemicals, but they are slightly more expensive. I take a grade on the completion of this lab guide. But as worksheets go, you do want the students to work out the answers together and ask for help when needed.

Generally I use a quick and easy method to grade it. Each section is worth 5 pts. If its completed and looks mostly right, then they get the full 5 pts. Reduce pts if there are blanks or incorrect answers. The biggest part of their grade comes from the LAB PRACTICAL. This is where pigs are set up at stations with numbered or colored tags in the structures.

Students have 1 minute at each station to identify the structure and write it on their answer sheet. Coleman Powermate 7500 Manual on this page. This is done in complete silence with no working together. Depending on the class, I may or may not allow them a word bank.

Honors classes do not get a word bank usually unless I have an IEP or student that needs differentiation. The sheets below can be printed for the practical, they are numbered 1-50, though you don't need to use all of the blanks. Just make sure your practical contains enough stations to keep students busy. If you have 30 students, you can have 25 stations with questions, and 5 'rest stations' interspersed. Also print out the - this just lists all of the structures they need to find with a checkbox.

It makes for a good reference and study guide. Fetal Pig Dissection: External Anatomy External Anatomy 1. Determine the sex of your pig by looking for the urogenital opening. On females, this opening is located near the anus. On males, the opening is located near the umbilical cord. Check the bags and packaging, they are often labeled with the pig's sex. Make sure you mix them up within the classroom.

If your pig is female, you should also note that urogenital papilla is present near the genital opening. Males do not have urogenital papilla. Both males and females have rows of nipples, and the umbilical cord will be present in both. What sex is your pig?

Make sure you are familiar with terms of reference: anterior, posterior, dorsal, ventral. In addition, you'll need to know the following terms Medial: toward the midline or middle of the body Lateral: toward the outside of the body Proximal: close to a point of reference Distal: farther from a point of reference *label the sides on the pig picture above. Fidelio Cruise User Manual. On the pig picture, they should just labe the anterior, posterior, dorsal, ventral. Open the pig's mouth and locate the hard and soft palate on the roof of the mouth. Can you feel your own hard and soft palates with your tongue?