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I've never had any formal training on FC, but what made it easy for me to learn is to take an existing program I had ( pre-FC it's all fingerCAM or ACAD to Bobcad and all manual ) and try to duplicate it in FC. Unless you have nothing else, I would try to shy as far as I can from drawing anything in FC, that part suck major league. The CAM side OTOH is brilliantly comprehensive. Take whatever drawing you have ( solid or 2D ) get your stock set up, set your XYZ coords to the stock and start programming each feature just as you would by hand.

Featurecam For StudentsFeaturecam Training Manual

Cambridge Numerical Control is the approved Autodesk supplier, training and support centre for FeatureCAM FeatureCAM is an advanced software package for unparalleled automation in CAM. As the name implies, it is a feature based, or knowledge based, manufacturing system. FeatureCAM Reference Manual Download. Download Now for Free PDF Ebook featurecam training manual at our Online Ebook Library. Get featurecam training manual PDF file for free from our online library. Featurecam training materials I'd there any other place to find dvds or books other than the featurecam videos guy who I cant get ahold of. Manual Machining Tooling. Welcome to FeatureCAM Training Videos. Welcome to the web site for FeatureCAM Videos. Customers have been asking for years for extra materials for learning FeatureCAM.

Make sure each feature is complete and is exactly how you want it on the simulation. Don't worry about the post yet, the demo won't let you post anyway, just get the toolpath exactly how you want it. If something is off, start dicking with the settings until you get your way. Read the helpfiles, they are not bad at all. I was quite disappointed that the latest versions don't include a fairly complete manual on PDF, but earlier versions ( perhaps even V13 ) had two PDF-s.

One is the manual for the CAM side, the other is the post processor ( Xbuild ) manual. They were some 700 pages worth and quite useful. I've used FC for the last 5 years or so and do not know when was the last release of the manuals, but look under the ProramFiles Delcam FeatureCAM Program Help directory. I have UG_part1.pdf, ug_part2.pdf, these are the manuals. There is a gsg.pdf, which is the getting started guide, and there is a post.pdf for building or modifying your own post. Otherwise, feel free to ask away either here or on the FC forum. It is open to anyone, tough it isn't as lively as some others.

I guess where I ran into issues is making the software do just what I wanted it to. If you're talking about making the toolpath the way you want it, then there are a whole bunch of little things you can mess with, and quite often changing one will have a significant effect on how another behaves. It takes a bit of DWI to figure out how one simple parameter changes the others behavior. The videos can help, but what I've found most useful is taking whatever project you have on your plate and beat FC until you get exactly what you want. Along the way you will find some of the logic behind the settings.

Take one feature at a time and make sure you don't stop messing with it until the intended result is achieved. Only then move on to the next feature. Though as of today i have severed all ties with delcam. Be carefull, they will do you dirty and have some bad ethics. But, I wont hijack your thread. Ill start a new one and post the emails between the SLC office and me.

Featurecam Training Manual

Gonna be a fireworks show!!!please do tell. I am a 4+ year featurecam user. I have been extremely disappointed in their customer service since Chris Cole got promoted and no longer answers the phones. I somehow always seem to come up with questions that require a call-back. 'let me go ask somebody else, because i cant help you' type of situations bother me. (although Jason is pretty good. And he was a great online instructor.

I didnt have many questions though so he was just going through the motions. He did well) i think our company has spent somewhere close to $25k with delcam. Eumig S 802 Manual. When all you have to show for $25k is a freaking dongle, there damn sure better be somebody waiting at the phone that actually can help. Cogat Form 6 Examiners Manual. And, recently, there is not.

Featurecam Training Manual

At least not without a waiting period for a call back, or email. I dont know how the flow goes in other shops. But, when i start something, i dont have time to set it aside and wait. The more advanced i get in my programming skills, and the more complex the parts become, i am also discovering alot of shortcomings. Just yesterday i learned that you cannot turn peripheral feed 'off' for a single feature.