Etq Generator 3000 Manual

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Etq Generator 3000 ManualEtq Generator 3000 Watt

This inverter generator produces clean sine wave output that is safe for sensitive electronics like computers, plasma televisions and more. Not for sale in CA.

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Etq Generator 3000 Manual

• 169 Answers SOURCE: Hi, If this generator has been stored for any length of time with fuel in the carb you probably have a plugged main jet in the carb. As joboo1 says there are a few other things that could cause this behavior, but most often I see dirty carbs, water in the fuel, and plugged/dirty air filters. Get a flashlight and look into the fuel tank thru the filler hole, if you see anything floating in there you've got water in the fuel. Look at the ari cleaner, oil and fuel on the element indicate a dirty carb. 2016 Bmw 328i American Spec Repair Manual. Of course check the oil level. Lastly, take the bowl off the bottom of the carb (shut off the fuel valve first), if you see debris in there the carb needs a good cleaning. Regards, Carl Posted on Mar 01, 2009.

• 2176 Answers SOURCE: it sounds like that, I would look at the needle valve to make sure opening. What I would do is remove the bowl and let gas flow thru it, then push up on the float valve and release to see if you get another stream of gas. What you can try also because I think there is gum(from stale gas) is running with the choke partially on till it starts to flood out and the open choke and see if continues to run. I don't know how extensive you mean when you say 'cleaned' the carb but you might have to again with a good carb cleaner or find a soak for it. Posted on Jun 26, 2011.