Eicon Radio Remote Manual

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Eicon Radio Remote Manual

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Eicon Radio Remote ManualRadio Remote ControlEicon Radio Remote ManualEicon Radio Remote Manual

• Eicon 1550/1551 WAN Router User’s Guide www.eicon.com. • 9800 Cavendish Blvd. Montreal, Quebec Canada H4M 2V9 Eicon Networks Corporation may use or distribute whatever information you supply in any way it believes appropriate without incurring any obligations to you. Eicon Networks Corporation is a business unit of i-data international a-s. • Setup...12 System Requirements...13 Step 1: Connect the Cables...14 Step 2: Log in to the Eicon 1550/1551... 16 Step 3: Select the VHSI Protocol... 19 Step 4: Create Profiles...20 Step 5: Modify Other Settings...23 Step 6: Reset the Device and Test WAN Access..

• Web Interface Settings Glossary..71 System Menu... 72 Connection Menu...74 Connection Menu >Connection Group (PPP).. 75 Connection Menu >Connection Group (X.25).. 77 Connection Menu >Connection Group (Frame Relay)...79 Connection Menu >IP Group...80 Connection Menu. • Selecting an Interface Cable..129 Interface Cables available from Eicon Networks Corporation..130 Interface Cable Specifications... 131 The V.24 Interface... 133 The V.35 Interface...

135 The EIA-530 Interface...137 The V.36/RS-449 Interface...139 The X.21 Interface... 141 Configuration Worksheets.. 142 X.25 Line Subscription Worksheet... • Introduction Overview...7 Package Contents..8 Specifications...9. • VHSI port and the actual board configuration, and then selects the matching interface.

The Eicon 1550/1551 is equipped with four Ethernet ports. You may connect up to four network devices (computers, printers, etc.) and in doing so, create your own local area network. • Selecting an Interface Cable page 129). Note: The blue cable is a straight-through Ethernet cable and is used to connect the Eicon 1550/1551 to a single computer. To connect to a network hub, a crossover cable (not included) is required. • Specifications Hardware Features • VHSI (Very High Speed Interface) synchronous port • ISDN port (for backup purposes) (Eicon 1551 only) • Four-port 10BaseT Ethernet hub (RJ45) • Console port (DB9 V.24 serial interface) • Power jack • Hard Reset button •. • Indicator Lights • Power status • VHSI port status • Ethernet port status (four) and collision detection • ISDN B-channel status (B1 and B2 on one light) (Eicon 1551 only) • ISDN D-channel status (Eicon 1551 only) • ISDN Link status (Eicon 1551 only) •.

• • Quickstart Guide • Eicon 1550/1551 CD-ROM (contains utilities, documentation) • Country-specific power adapter Note: VHSI cables are not included with your Eicon 1550/1551. Cables can be ordered from Eicon Networks, or you can build your own (see Interface Cable Specifications on page 131). • Setup System Requirements... 13 Step 1: Connect the Cables..

14 Step 2: Log in to the Eicon 1550/1551..16 Step 3: Select the VHSI Protocol.. 19 Step 4: Create Profiles..20 Step 5: Modify Other Settings..23 Step 6: Reset the Device and Test WAN Access. • Web Browser Requirements The Eicon 1550/1551 is configured via web pages stored on the device itself.

To access the web interface, you must have Netscape Navigator 4 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4, or later versions. • You can then connect up to three other LAN devices. Your Eicon 1550/1551 package includes one Ethernet cable (the blue cable). This is a standard, straight-through cable.

If you plan to connect more than one computer to the Eicon 1550/1551, you will need to acquire a separate standard Ethernet cable for each piece of equipment. • When connected, the Power indicator light (on the front of the device) should turn on. Mariner 25hp 4 Stroke Manual. Connect your VHSI cable.

Connect the appropriate end of the cable to the VHSI port of the Eicon 1550/1551 then connect the other end to your modem or leased line connector. • Step 2: Log in to the Eicon 1550/1551 Whenever you wish to change settings on the Eicon 1550/1551, you must first log in using a web browser, as shown below. Launch your web browser.

Click ‘File’, ‘Open’, then enter the following IP address: • The main menu should appear, as shown below.

Step 3: Select the VHSI Protocol on page 19. Troubleshooting If you cannot access the ‘Log in’ page: • Verify that all cables are connected properly. The power and Ethernet lights should be on. • • Internet Explorer previous to version 5: – From the ‘View’ menu, select ‘Internet Options’, then click the ‘Connection’ tab. – Verify that ‘Connect to the internet using a local area network’ is enabled.

Copeland Scroll Compressor Manual. – Verify that the ‘Proxy Server’ option is disabled. • Step 3: Select the VHSI Protocol Before you begin creating connection profiles, including any backup profiles, you should verify the protocol setting for the VHSI port (set to ‘X.25’ by default). This is due to the fact that all connection profiles are deleted when the protocol is changed. Note: Configuration settings can be saved to a file on your hard drive.

• Step 4: Create Profiles Settings for particular connections are contained in profiles on the Eicon 1550/1551. Note: When you change protocols for the VHSI interface, all profile information is lost. To avoid having to re-enter configuration information, choose the protocol first, as described in. • The settings for your new profile will be displayed, along with configuration parameters.

The parameters available will differ depending on the protocol used. For more information, see Creating and Editing Profiles on page 49. Make the required changes to the profile. Be sure to scroll down and inspect all parameters. • Limits on Creating Profiles If the VHSI protocol is set to X.25, you can create up to 32 connection profiles.

When set to Frame Relay, you can create up to eight connection profiles. When using PPP as the VHSI port protocol, you may only create one profile. Note: It is not recommended to mix Frame Relay and X.25 profiles. • Step 5: Modify Other Settings Changes that you have made thus far do not take effect until you reset the device. However, it is strongly recommended that you check other device settings to ensure that they correspond to your network situation. Specifically, you should inspect the following pages: •. • • Clicking a setting name displays context-sensitive help.

Online help window What’s Next? Step 6: Reset the Device and Test WAN Access on page 25.

• IP address) and that you have restarted your computer. If you cannot access the ‘Log in’ page again, follow the instructions and suggestions given in Troubleshooting page 17. • To learn more about your Eicon 1550/1551, see Using your Eicon 1550/1551 page 38. • Creating a Backup Profile The ISDN port on the Eicon 1551 is designed to act as a backup connection in case the VHSI connection is unavailable. However, any profile, including a separate VHSI connection profile, can act as a backup for any other profile. The following example demonstrates a simple scenario on the Eicon 1551.

• ISDN Port Setup This section describes how to configure the ISDN port on the Eicon 1551. This port was designed to act as a backup port in case the main VHSI connection becomes unavailable. Connecting the ISDN Cable The gray cable included with your Eicon 1551 package is used to connect the ISDN port to your ISDN wall jack (or NT-1, depending on how your ISDN line is set up). • Click the ‘ISDN Port’ link to bring up the ‘ISDN Port Parameters’ page. Specify the switch type. Enter your ISDN phone numbers in the ‘Numbers’ area. If you only have one number, enter it in both number fields.