Coleman Powermate Battery Charger Manual

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Coleman Powermate Battery Charger 18v

Maintenance free, sealed, lead-acid battery Heavy duty, color-coded booster cables. 'how or what ac charger does the coleman powermate PMJ8960 take? Find the user manual you need for your tools and more at ManualsOnline. Coleman Corp Battery Charger User Manual. Powermate - Coleman Corp Battery Charger.

I decided to hopefully kill 2 birds with a Coleman 12V 10Ah jumpstarter battery. Something I could use to charge at home, plus take to the field. My question here is on charging the thing. I followed the manual, using the LED indicator.I think I'm just not getting the capacity on the battery. The instructions say that if the yellow LED is lit, then charge for 3-5 hours. If the green (full) LED is lit, then charge for 2 hours.

If only the red is lit, then charge 24-36 hours. Die Cast Machine Manual. The wall wart says 12V (but is actually 16V), and says 500mA output. I charged up the jumpstart battery according to directions.

Coleman Powermate Battery Charger ManualColeman Powermate Battery Charger Manual

The little test LEDs lit up to green, indicating a full charge, but the next day, only yellow is lit (indicating a half charge). After charging my 3S 11.1v 2100mAh lipo pack using a Pro-Peak Quattro lipo charger, my 2nd charge came up with a low source voltage error (15V - but I know it's the less than 10.5 since I monitored it with my multimeter).during the first 5 minutes, the voltage was fine (the charger uses a low amperage charge while it figures out how many cells you have, etc.), but then amps go up, and I was getting a voltage dropoff on the Coleman. Once it fell below 10.5, I got the error from the Quattro charger. I'm tempted now to just charge the Coleman jumpstarter until I get 13.8V out of it, since that's the nominal voltage off of a lead acid car battery. I feel I'm just not getting it to full capacity.

Any thoughts? Actually 15 volts is a full charge on a Pb 6cell 12V. Like LiPolys everyone uses different numbers.

Coleman Powermate Battery Charger Power Supply

Most cars charge / maintain the battery to 14.4-14.6 while the motor is running. My home charging station / Ham Radio power supply a 88 Ah AGM deep cycle is maintained at 13.8 volts (float charge). If I stop the charge and let it set for a day or so it will drop to around 12.7 which some consider an approximate 70% state of charge. Added: I should have mentioned that what you saw with the green LED is sometimes refered to a hot charge. A batteries voltage will rise quickly but it takes a long time for the capacity to be replaced.

This voltage / capacity ration as an indicator will vary with battery types and the health of the batteries. Here is a very common example. Someone at the R/C Field notices ther servos are slowing so they check and find the receiver pack at say 4.4-4.5 volts using a loaded volts meter. THey throw a quick charge on it for a few minutes check the voltage again nd now it reads 5.1 so they fire up take off f;y for 5 minutes and lose contriol. Post mortum reveals a flight pack with no capacity left in it.

C3 Sensodrive Workshop Manual there. Many do the same with their Transmitters. Low voltage on the display so charge with Walwart for a couple of hour and the pack drops out at the field. There is a major diffirence between volts and capacity.

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