Boss Kut Gazelle Instruction Manual

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Boss Kut Gazelle Cutter

Bosskut gazelle manual • 1. Welcome to the Gazelle family! In this video, I'll give you a breif overview of the steps to getting started.

Boss Kut Gazelle Instruction ManualBoss Kut Gazelle Instruction Manual

Note that this is just an overview. There are additional, more detailed videos and instructions for each of the major steps like software and driver installation, setting up the plotter codes, etc etc. Remember that any time durring this or other videos you can press the 'pause button' to make notes or take a break, and then unpause to continue. There is also a pdf version of this video that you can print. The pdf file is located on the video site The first step to getting started is connecting the hardwares. Start by removing the Gazelle from it's packaging and placing on a sturdy surface near the computer.

We will share with you Boss Kut news, releases and ideas. BK GAZELLE IV TUTORIALS; BK GAZELLE IV TUTORIALS. Gazelle IV software. [6835da] - Boss Kut Gazelle Instruction Manual bosskut gazelle instruction manual instructions for the spellbinder dies using the big shot machine video this is a manual cutting machine not.

Get both pieces of the power supply cord and connect the 2 pieces together. Connect the wall plug end of the cord to a wall outlet, and the other end to the gazelle. Do not turn the Gazelle on yet. Connect the usb cord to the Gazelle and to the computer. Be sure to connect directly to the computer, not through a hub.

Make a note of which usb port the gazelle is connected to. Whether using a laptop or a desktop, the Gazelle will always use this same port! If using a desktop computer, use a usb port on the back of the computer. Next you will need the dongle. The dongle is a security device for the software and allows you to install the software on ALL of your computers! Your dongle is located in the software case.

It looks like a flashdrive or thumbdrive, and may or may not have the word 'rockey' on it. The color of the dongle varies and is irrelevent. Connect the dongle to any available usb port. Honda Bf 150 Shop Manual.

The dongle may be connected to any available usb port on the computer or to a hub connected to the computer. • Next you'll install the Gazelles Funtime software program. Put the Gazelle Funtime program disk into the disk drive of the computer.

Wait a few moments, and the autoplay will start. When offered the choice, select 'typical' as the installation type. Follow the prompts to finish installing the software, and leave the program disk in the computer for now. Next is the driver installation.

There are 2 different driver installation methods. 1 is for Widows XP and Vista, the other is specific to Windows 7. Reach over and turn the Gazelle on by pressing the power button on top of the machine. It is the button nearest the right side of the Gazelle.

Boss Kut Gazelle Instruction Manual

Within a few moments, you will hear the computer make a confirmation sound. If you are using Windows XP or Vista, the new hardware wizard will appear. If using Windows 7, a popup message in the lower right corner of the computer screen will advise you that the driver was not installed. There are video intructions for both types of driver installations. Please follow the instructions specific to your version of Windows. After the driver is installed, it is neccessary to 'set up the plotter codes' in Funtime.

The plotter codes tell funtime how and where to communicate with the gazelle. Next you will test the driver. Testing the driver is done before inserting the bladeholder and cutting mat, by turning off the red light on the Gazelle and sending a simple shape from Funtime to the Gazelle. When the Gazelle responds, you know the driver installation and plotter codes are correct! Now it's time for the bladeholder and cutting mat.

Insert the bladeholder into the Gazelles plotter arm. Be sure the gold horizontal screw is hand tight. Next smooth a piece of cardstock to the cutting mat.

Align the lower right corner of the cardstock to the lower right corner of the grid on the cutting mat. Turn ON the red light on the Gazelle • Feed the mat into the Gazelle by pressing the leading edge of the cutting mat against the lower edge of the white pinch rollers while pressing the Feed button on the top of the Gazelle as shown here. Continue feeding the cutting mat into the machine until the blade is aligned to the tip of the lower right corner of the cardstock/grid.

Turn the red light back off again, and your Gazelle is now READY!! Be sure to watch the video explaining the different functions of 'the buttons on the gazelle' and the video about the 'cutting control panel basics'. If using Windows 7, please watch and follow the video instructions to 'disable usb suspension'. For further assistance with your Gazelle or Gazelle Funtime software, please join the Gazelle Owners forum: or send an email to [email protected] Happy Cutting! Terri Mouw (Gazelle Tech' Support).