2015 Stardeck Owners Manual

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2015 Stardeck Owners Manual2015 Stardeck Owners Manual

Re: Starcraft Aurora or Hurricane Deck boats Thanks for your post Kelly. The reason I asked about the Hurricane is because we are looking at their Fundeck 202.

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2015 Starcraft 206 Stardeck Owners Manual

And we are probably at the point where we will be taking a BIG, HUGE hit and trade in our 2004 Starcraft Aurora (only 20 hrs on boat)after NUMEROUS problems with the service dept where we purchased. What we are so afraid of, is getting into the same boat (no pun intended) as we are now. This brand new boat has been in the shop more than in our dock. From one of the posts you listed, it mentioned that Starcraft was a 'low-end' deck boat. So maybe that's where all our problems have stemmed from. Where in the list of makers of deck boats would Hurricane be?

2015 Stardeck Owners Manual2015 Stardeck Owners Manual

If Starcraft is on the low end, who would be the top (most reliable, durable) deck boat (fish and ski packages). Thanks for the input!!

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Re: Starcraft Aurora or Hurricane Deck boats lakesidedreamer Hurricane Deck Boats are well made boats.Good fit and finish. I don't know where they would rate in comparison to the very best deckboats or the Starcraft, but they are good quality boats for there purpose and Godfrey Marine stands behind them well, as they do all there boats.

Of course, if you have the bucks, a Crownline or similar is obviously going to be a better boat. Just depends on your needs. They are not ocean going boats and do not particularly like real rough water due to the somewhat flat bottom. But they will handle a 2-3 foot chop fine. The Fundeck is a well laid out, well built rig and I would not hesitate in buying one, especially since in the past I have owned Godfrey boats and can vouch for the quality and service.

That's the best I can tell you, other than I've never heard anyone say they were dissapointed after they bought a Deckboat from Godfrey, with the proper power, of course. Get all you can. NUMEROUS problems with the service dept where we purchased This would suggest the problems have been more with the dealer than Starcraft? Very unfortunate.

But you can get a bad dealer with any brand, including Hurricane. So it is possible to end up in the same boat.

I note the Hurricane 202 is an outboard model. Most 20' OB deckboats are in the 'value' category.

Polo Vw 2002 Manual Japan Model here. Frankly, not a lot of difference between brands. The only premium brand for OB deckboats that I know of is.

Of course premium means you will pay a bigger price. There are the deckboats by well known builders such as Rick mentioned. But those will all be I/O, not OB. And generally bigger, plusher, and more expensive than your Hurricane or Starcraft. If you do decide to move up to these then I would suggest your short list include Chaparral, Crownline, Four Winns, Monterey, and Regal.

Lots of brands at that point, everybody has different favorites. But vee haf no way of knowing which of your local dealers is best. And that is really more important than the boat brand. Re: Starcraft Aurora or Hurricane Deck boats Kelly, The more I think about it, I think you are right about the dealer. Maybe our problems are not specific to the brand but due to the service. Everything that has been worked on has been covered under the warranty. But it sure is strange that everytime we have taken the boat in to have something fixed, we get it back and two other things are broke.

Something interesting I found out today, the dealer where we got the Starcraft is not listed as a dealer on their website. I tried to find a way to reach Starcraft themselves, but I was routed back to the nearest dealer.

Which is now over 100 miles away, not in the same town. That brings me to my next question, do you know anything about Travis Boating? They are located in a number of states in the south east part of the nation.

And they are a publicly traded company - (NasdaqSC:TRVS) I'm not sure what part of the nation you are in, and may have never heard of this company or maybe someone else out there has. It makes me wonder if Travis is no longer a dealer for Starcraft. I know in my area, they had the Hurricane and Cobalt dealership but lost those a couple of years ago. I'm going to keep trying to get in touch with Starcraft and find out if there is someone else locally that can do warranty work, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen. Oh well, it doesn't hurt to try I guess.

I appreciate your responses and allowing me to vent a little. Our first experiences as a boat owner has not been pleasant. Thanks again! Re: Starcraft Aurora or Hurricane Deck boats Lakesidedreamer, I have a Lowe deckboat and really like it. It is aluminum construction, deck, hull, with very little plywood. I specifically wanted a aluminum hull vs fiberglass. Check out and see if they are for you.