1993 4 Cilinder Mazda B2600i Manual

1993 4 Cilinder Mazda B2600i Manual 9,6/10 1460votes

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1993 4 Cilinder Mazda B2600i Manual1993 4 Cilinder Mazda B2600i Manual1993 4 Cilinder Mazda B2600i Manual

Cylinder Head Gasket / Set. Cylinder Head Plug. Engine Repair Manual MAZDA 1993 B2600 2.6L L4. * Stocked in outlying warehouse--shipping delayed up to 4.

1993 4 Cilinder Mazda B2600i Manual

Faults: Clutch @ 120k KM. Timing reference sensor @ 155k KM due to pressure CV washing the engine compartment, and getting some moisture in under the cap & rotor. CV joint and cross axle @ 175k KM.

Rubber valve cover seals are probably dry and cracked, I get a bit of blue smoke at start up that clears up right away. I'll get to it eventually! General Comments: This is my second Mazda truck, my first was a 92 B2200 2WD with fuel injection (the whopping 6hp more than the carb'd engine). 2002 Gmc Yukon Service Manual more.

4 Cylinder Mazda Firing Order

In hindsight, I should have sold the B2600i instead of the B2200, I liked the idea of keeping the 4WD with AC (my old B2200 didn't have AC), but having to do costly front end work wasn't my idea of fun. My old B2200 had been through hell and back, and I only replaced the radiator and a few sets of tires after 15 years of its life. Regardless, I am still very happy to own this B2600i, and can't imagine being able to sell it for what I value it at; if I were to replace it, I would need a newer Tacoma or Frontier!

I wish Ford engineers would have let Mazda roll their parts into Ford Rangers instead of the other way around! Model year 1993 Year of manufacture 1993 First year of ownership 1993 Most recent year of ownership 2009 Engine and transmission 2.6 Manual Performance marks 10 / 10 Reliability marks 10 / 10 Comfort marks 10 / 10 Dealer Service marks 9 / 10 Running Costs (higher is cheaper) 10 / 10 Overall marks (average of all marks) 9.8 / 10 Distance when acquired 11 miles Most recent distance 188000 miles Previous car Mazda B1800 Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes Review Date: 10th December, 2009. Faults: Drove it around town for about a year, then once I got a job about 16 miles away and it got down to 40 below (I live in Alaska), the transmission stopped shifting out of 2nd.

It revs real high before shifting into 2nd, then won't shift after that. I believe I may just need to flush the tranny. It's an auto. When it's warmer (20 above) it works decently, but below that it won't shift. Should I blow 100 bucks on a tranny flush? Or is it not going to fix anything? General Comments: Lots of dinks and tears, but I love it.

I've slid this into a thicket of trees and popped it in 4x4 and driven right out. Arctic Cat Bearcat 440 Manual. It's the best vehicle I've ever driven, and my dad agrees.