1986 Mariner 8hp 2 Stroke Service Manual

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1986 Mariner 8hp 2 Stroke Service Manual

• READ THIS MANUAL THOROUGHLY If you don't understand any portion, contact your dealer for a demonstration of actual starting and operating procedures. And Maintenance Manual and thorough1 NOTICE Throughout this publication, and on your understand the operational instructions fa outboard, DANGER, WARNINGS and the outboard and all related accessorie CAUTIONS, accompanied by the inter- before the boat is used. • we cannot possibly know of and TABLE OF CONTENTS advise the boating public of ALL con- ceivable boat/motor types and/or poor It is difficult tor a person standing or float- operating practices, the final decision ing in the water to move clear if they see a of whether t o use an EMERGENCY powerboat heading toward them, even at STOP SWITCH rests w i t h you, the own. • SPECIFICATIONS Stroke 2.36 (60mm) NGK BUHW Recommended Spark Plug Champion L76V [Use Champ~on Interference (RFI) Suppression is Reauiredl Automotive Leaded Recommended Gasoline or Unleaded (Lead Free) Gasoline Quicksilver 2-Cycle Outboard Oil Fuel Tank Capacity: U.S. Gallons Imperial Gallons Liters Minimum Reserve Capacity Rating Battery Rating Electric Start Models of 35 Minutes and Cold Crank~ng.

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• transom w i t h mounting boltsand c i d m WARNING screws, may result i n damage t o boa D O NOT OVERPOWER Most boats and/or loss of motor and possible injur are rated and certified for the maximum t o occupants of boat. • (Continued) Tilt Lever or place protective coating o n t h e t r i m tab. Locks motor i n a fully tilted position. CAUTION The trlm tab will help to offset steel Engine m u s t n o t b e r u n i n f u l l tilt lock pull caused by propeller torque at high. • PROPELLERS PROPELLER REPAIR PROPELLER SELECTION The propeller supplied with your motor Some darnaged propellers can be re- provides the best overall performance under average operating conditions. PROPELLER INSTALLATION Alternative propellers are available for specific boating requirements. Consult IMPORTANT: Periodically check pro- your A u t h o r i z e d Dealer f o r r e c o m - peller n u t f o r tightness during boating mendations.

15HP 2-stroke Factory Service Manual Original 1986. Mariner 8/9.9 4-Stroke Factory Service Manual in. Outboard Motors Mercury Download Service and. You will then receive a reply with a link to visit to download the PDF manual for your 1986 Mercury 8 HP 2-Stroke. Mariner 8 HP Outboard Workshop Service Manual. Mercury Outboard Service/Repair Manuals. Mercury Mariner 6hp 8hp 9.9hp 10hp 15hp 2-Stroke Outboard Motor Complete Workshop Service Repair Manual 1986 1987. Mercury 8 HP 2 Stroke 1986 pdf Factory Service. 8HP 2 Stroke Engine Full Service & Repair Manual 1986-2003. Mercury Mariner 8 HP Outboard Workshop Service Manual. View and Download Mariner 20 HP operation and maintenance manual online. 20 HP Outboard. Mariner outboard motor service manual. SPECIFICATIONS Stroke 2.36.

• FUEL RECOMMENDATIONS (Continued) OPERATION IMPORTANT: A l w a y s use fresh yasc line. Gasoline w h i c h is k e p t i n tank t o B. Shift~ng weight to front (bow) WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION USE CARE when transporting fuel con- l o n g w i l l f o r m g u m a n d varnishdeposil tainer, whether i n a boat or car. • MOTOR CONTROLS WATER PUMP OPERATION (No Thermostat) ROTATE KNOB Clockwise (to stop) when starting engine or to increase idle Normal water pump operation is indicated by a steady, 'Tell-Tale' stream of water speed.

Issuing from a small hole at rear of bottom PULL KNOB COMPLETELY OUT cowl while the motor running and remain. • OPERATION MODELS WITH TILLER HANDLE BEFORE STARTING vigorously.

Allow rope to rewind slowly. Repeat until engine starts. This motor is water cooled. DO NOT operate motor out-of-water. Serious O n electric start models, press damage t o motor could result from STARTER BUTTON as soon as engine overheating. • OPERATION MODELS WITH TILLER HANDLE (Continued) SHIFTING GEARS CAUTION re when operatlny fn REVERSE GEAR.

Pontiac Grand Am Service Repair Manual. DO NOT operate motor CAUTION at high speeds when i n REVERSE. Se rotatron of motion to avoid 'gear chatter'. FORWARD GEAR STOPPING Press Stop Button at end of t w ~ s t Continued rotatlon increases speed and hold until motor stops IMPORTANT: I n an emergency the motor. • QUICKSILVER SIDE MOUNT REMOTE CONTROL COMPONENTS Neutral Lock Bar prevents accidental stop switch SHOULD NOT BE USED as shift and throttle engagement. Bar rnust be normal engine shut-off.

Squeezed before control handle can be moved, from NEUTRAL. IMPORTANT: The Emergency Stop Switch can be repositioned to RUN with orwithout reverse motion and engine speed. • OPERATION-MANUAL START MODELS WlTH REMOTE CONTROL (Continued) up, turn knob slowly counterclockwise to BEFORE STARTING stop (idle position).

Check fuel tank for sufficient fuel and Check water pump operation as outlined in that tank is secure in boat. MOTOR CONTROLS on page 15. Open air vent on fuel tank cap. • (Continued) ELECTRIC START MODELS WITH REMOTE CONTROL BEFORE STARTING Water Pump Operation (No Thermostat) Check fuel tank for sufficient fuel and thal Normal water pump operation is rndicatt by a steady, 'Tell-Tale' stream of water tank is secure in boat.

Open air vent on fuel tank cap. • EMERGENCY OPERATION prevent outboard from starting i n gear. If rewind starter becon-ies inoperative, the Sudden unexpected acceleration can cause niotor c a n be cranked ( u t i l ~ z l n g spare starter rope supplied) in the following serious injury or death. • Every 60 days Every 30 days (All Pivot Points) Tilt Tube/Control Every 60 days Every 30 days Handle Pivot Every 60 days Every 30 days Swivel Bracket/ Every 60 days Every 30 days Swivel Pin Every 60 days Every 30 days After 1st 10 After 1st 10 days, then.

• INSPECTION A N D MAINTENANC lnspect motor often, and at regular in- Remove and inspect propeller. If badly tervals, to help maintain its top operating nicked, bent or cracked, refer t o Author- performance, and correct potential prob- ized Service Facilities. (Refer to PRO- lems before they occur. • Remove cowl.

(Refer to COWL REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION.) CAUTION DO NOT t o u c h or disconnect any igni- Disconnect spark plug leads and use tion system parts while engine is run- 'Combination Tool' supplied, or 13/16' ning, as high voltage is present. Wrench, to remove spark plugs. • CARBURETOR ADJUSTMENTS The carburetor has been calibrated and Back-out screw turns countet- re-set at factory to provide best per- clockwise. Formance under normal conditions. How- Start engine -Allow to run at IDLE for sev- ever, extreme changes in weather and/or elevation mav necessitate further car- With engine at IDLE, shift to FORWARD GEAR.